Monday, October 1, 2018

I used to be the kind of guy that acted like I didn’t care about anything. I thought it was cool to be indifferent. “Casually indifferent,” I would call it. And it like a game, as though whoever cared the least would win or something. I thought I was so cool. 😎 Well I’ve changed. The world has flipped upside down. And in my book, who ever cares THE MOST wins. Feelings are cool. Emotions are real. And allowing yourself to have them makes you a winner. It’s human to have a full colorful spectrum of feelings. And having all of them is spectacular. So embrace your feelings. Allow yourself to have them. And be proud to be human! We all are. 💖💜💚💙🖤 Art by Jason Naylor

YES!!! Did you know that this is one my my absolute favorite words? So many good things come from being a yes person. Not crazy things like in that Jim Carrey movie, I’m talking about real, life-changing, career-growing, character-building things. Adventures. New friends. Jobs. Murals. Opportunities. The list goes on. Are YOU a yes person? Say yes. 🆗💯✅ ————— Also this is one of walls in the @rheingold_bushwick apartments. Don’t worry. There are still many more you haven’t seen. Lol. 🙌🏻🖤🔥 Art by Jason Naylor