Tuesday, July 31, 2018

As I sat here trying think of the last few pieces for my Open Mind Open Art series, I drew a blank. I wanted to to use this series as a way to open up a little, and share some of fears, worries, pet peaves, and also some passions, wins, and things I love. I wanted to be vulnerable. I wanted to allow myself to be open to everyone. And there I sat, reflecting on this series, feeling open, and staring at a blank canvas. • Have you ever been here? I’m sure you have ... nothing coming to mind, nothing coming to heart. Staring at the pencil and the paper. So instead of drawing a blank I drew a pencil. The one thing that started all of this... years ago. A pencil that doodled on my homework all my life. A pencil that sketched the first drafts of all my drawings. A pencil that took all those damn tests in college, and an Apple pencil, now made of white plastic robot parts, that changed my entire career. I still have questions. I still have worries and fears. But I have love in my heart, and wherever there’s a blank canvas... I will always have a pencil... ——————- No. 30/31 of the #openmindopenart series. 🖤 Art by Jason Naylor

Finished mural wall in the garden of @chrismcmillanthesalon 💖💙💜⚡️ Including a selfie backdrop so after you get your hair styled you can get a colorful selfie. Obviously. 😉😍 Huge thanks to @mrchrismcmillan for having me to paint! Had a blast hanging and painting in your garden. 💖💙🙏🏻😘 —————- Painted with love and @montanacans 🖤 Art by Jason Naylor

Sometimes it’s not not all love, rainbows and ice cream cones. I get annoyed sometimes too, so I wanna share with you a few of my LEAST FAVORITE things. These are things that really get me riled up, and I’m a pretty even keeled guy! LOL What do you think? Do these things bother you too?💖🖤 —————- No 29/31 of the #openmindopenart series. 🖤 Art by Jason Naylor